I’m a Minneapolis/Saint Paul based photographer with a heart for families, babies and mamas. Growing up, I was taught that there is nothing more important than family, and the older I get, the more this rings true. I have always loved looking at photographs from my childhood and from my parents’ lives pre-kids. 

Hey there! I’m Leah.

To me, photos are a window into my favorite memories and to a time that is no longer accessible...and that is pretty darn priceless.

When I’m not behind my camera or editing photos, you can most likely find me walking around one of the many Minnesota lakes with my husband, gawking at pretty flowers, or at home snuggled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a TV show in the background. 

What I’ve found to be true time and time again is that one of the best practices we can commit to is learning to remain present in life — slowing down and staying focused on the things that really matter. For me, it’s family.

And it’s the little moments that we often might classify as “mundane” when in all reality they’re the most special moments in the world.

Being able to capture those little ordinary moments and give them back to you as reminders of how magical they actually are is the ultimate reason I love doing this. Photographs truly become more valuable with each passing year, and my hope is that one day, these photos will become as much (if not more) of a gift to your kids as they are to you.

My philosophy


A few things about me:

Living in a state with four very distinct seasons, I’ve come to appreciate all of them, but my favorite will always be summer. I love going to all the lakes, wearing all the flowy dresses, and seeing all the flowers!

I will almost always prefer a cozy night in to a fun night out.

I’m a 4 on the enneagram (where’s my enneagram fans?!) meaning I tend to be more of a sentimental, romantic and feelings-driven human…a big part of what led me to photography! 

I rewatch Gilmore Girls every single fall, like clockwork. 

I’m someone who lives for the simple joys in life: The smell of coffee in the morning (or any time really), the way the sunlight sparkles at golden hour, and the feeling of freshly cleaned sheets after a long day are some of my favorites!

kind words

- Kara S.

"Leah is so easy going and delightful to work with. If you are looking for someone who captures the essence of your family and creates beautiful memories of everyday moments, Leah does just that. She catches the most beautiful lighting and finds lovely backdrops. She also rolls with whatever comes at her during a shoot, which has been so helpful to us with two little humans running around (and possibly melting down)!

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